Understanding Oil Spills

Oil spills are a major environmental hazard. Any oil spill has the potential to negatively affect the plants and animals that live in both the water and the land for many years to come. These spills are not only hazardous, they're difficult to clean, which only adds to the long lasting damages caused by them. Understanding some of the current methods that work to clean oil spills can help in the search for new and better cleaning and and recovery methods.

Skimming the Surface

beach with oil spill

Oil skimmers are a commonly used tool for cleaning oil spills. There are several varieties of these skimmers, but their purpose is the same: they separate the oil from the water to clean it.

Clay Cleaners

nature and rocks ruined by oil spill

Absorbent sponges made of clay, polymer, and water are another useful tool for cleaning up oil spills. These sponges absorb oil but not water, which means that the oil they absorb can be reused.

Begin by Booming

oil refinery

Booms are barriers that are used to contain an oil spill, divert the direction of oil, or prevent the oil from reaching a specific target. Booms are the first equipment needed when a spill occurs.

Concerned Conservationist

the damage an oil spill does to nature

Because oil spills are so destructive, they should be high on the list of things that any conservationist is concerned with. Working toward better cleanup and containment methods is an important environmental goal.

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